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Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant Business Card Holder

As soon as I saw this I had to post it.  A fully scaled, highly detailed replica of the Ark of the Covenant as seen in the best of the Indiana Jones movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Best of all, apart from melting all who gaze upon it, it also holds business cards (as all Ark’s should).  Check it out:

Ark of the Covenant Business Card Holder

Ark of the Covenant Business Card Holder

Want one?  It’ll cost you US $36.99.  Get it here.

‘Lost’ Season Five Finale ‘The Incident Pt 1 & 2′ Promo’s


Josh Holloway as Sawyer in the season five finale of 'Lost'

Lost 5.16 ‘The Incident Pt 1′ and 5.17 ‘The Incident Pt 2′ will complete the series’ fifth season this Wednesday night.  Here’s the trailer, two minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, and 18 promotional images.

Lost Season 5 Finale Trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

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‘Surrogates’ Soundtrack CD and Download Release Details

Rick Marvin’s big orchestral score for the Bruce Willis sci-fi thriller Surrogates will be released on CD and as a download by Lakeshore Records next month. This is an unusual case where Walt Disney Pictures (or rather Touchstone Pictures) has licenced the soundtrack rights to an external company. Rick Marvin’s score for the film is an energetic and exciting action score influenced by Hollywood legends such as Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. Marvin has been a film and music composer since the early 1990s, and previously worked with Mostow on his WW2 action picture U-571 and also, as an addition music composer, on Breakdown. Surrogates is set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots. Lakeshore’s release of the score will be released as a download on November 10 and on CD on November 24.

Source: Movie Score Magazine