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Five ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’ Featurettes

Blood: The Last Vampire

The more I get to see of Blood: The Last Vampire the more I want to see it. Now thanks to Trailer Addict we’ve got five full featurettes that include never before seen footage from the film and plenty of behind-the-scenes goodies too. Enjoy:

‘Blood: The Last Vampire’ Featurette – Cory Yuen
This featurette focuses on action director Cory Yuen:

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Review: Heroes Season 3, Episode 17: ‘Cold Wars’

Matt Mind Probes HRG in Heroes 'Cold Wars'

Matt Mind Probes HRG in Heroes 'Cold Wars'

Film School Rejects have written a review of the latest episode of Heroes, ‘Cold Wars’ (Season 3, Episode 17) which I think sums up the episode and the present direction of the series quite nicely.  Most of all their review has saved me wasting another hour of my time on what is rapidly descending from arguably the best series on television (season 1) to arguably the worst (everything since season 1).

Read their review here.

It’s Official: ‘Batman 3? Now ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

For many months it has been observed that many people have been referring the third movie of the Batman saga as Batman 3. Here you will find Christopher Nolan announcing the film’s name and it has been titled as The Dark Knight Rises. This has been revealed by View the rest of this article »