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A Billion Minutes of The Mandalorian Streamed in October

There’s no doubting that Star Wars is a hot topic right now.

With ten series set to be available on streaming service Disney+ within the next few years, a Rian Johnson trilogy and two standalone films penciled in, Disney is riding a wave of buzz, a wave that The Mandalorian can claim a great deal of responsibility for creating.

With a plot that has brought animated characters to life, an instantly recognizable baby Yoda that has spawned a thousand memes, and a character reveal that is so huge we daren’t even mention his spoilerific name, the Mando has been so successful it has seemingly forced Disney’s hand in to leaning away from big-screen releases and towards series hosted on their Disney+ streaming service.

The buzz is so huge around this show, with the series finale set to hit screens this Friday, that Empire magazine has chosen Din Djarin, alongside newly named Grogu and dual lightsaber wielding Ahsoka Tano, to feature on the front of their latest edition.

The success of The Mandalorian (coming despite only ever seeing the face of the helmet-clad lead twice in two series – something that will pique the interest in anyone hoping to see a Halo film in cinemas) has culminated this month with Variety reporting it as the most-watched show across all streaming platforms for November.
This comes off the back of huge numbers for October, with over a billion minutes of the show being streamed in one week alone, behind only smash hit The Queen’s Gambit, and long time Netflix favourite The Office.

These figures must be music to the ears of Disney+ execs, with the show being the only non-Netflix offering to make it into the top ten.

Written by Colby J Smith

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