Adam Sandler in Netflix’s Sci-Fi Drama, ‘The Spaceman of Bohemia’? Count us in!

Since the start of Adam Sandler’s career, he has either starred or taken part in every single genre of films or series you can think of. Comedies do stand out as it is what made him the star he is today, but the fact that he’s evolved into one of the most versatile actors in the industry makes him one of the most-watched icons in the business.

What we love about Sandler is his willingness to try out new things, even if it doesn’t work out like his comedies. Have you watched Uncut Gems? There is little-to-no Sandler in there by means of comedic presence, but it was one heck of a performance. This time, Sandler’s taking on Netflix’s existential sci-fi drama, The Spaceman of Bohemia. It’s a big title, but it’s a genre you don’t see Sandler take much part of.

Reportedly, the comedian is already taking part in the early stages of development, alongside the streaming giant, for the concept of the story. People are no stranger to spy movies, yes, but there could be little nods to comedies and fresh spinoff ideas that Sandler could very well be the mastermind of.

In fact, if we do see the likes of Kevin Hart, Rob Schneider, or David Spade go into the world of Mission: Impossible or James Bond––that would be scary, but there’s absolutely no denying that that type of films will be worth millions during a box office.

What’s stopping Adam Sandler to do it on Netflix?

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