Netflix’s ‘Against the Ice’ Among the Films Lined Up for March Release

Against the Ice is a movie based on a true story that follows friendships, love and the heartfelt moments of companionship as two guys face death-defying events to prove that Greenland is an island.

The survival film is Game of Thrones star and Emmy nominee Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s passion project. He is the screenplay writer, working alongside Joe Derrick. Against the Ice was coined by Danish director Peter Flinth and produced by Coster-Waldau’s production company III Kippers. Also sharing in production is Baltasar Kornakur and his RVK Studios.

When Will Against the Ice Premiere?

Last month on January 13, Netflix announced the movie would premiere on March 2. The Twitter post says, “Two explorers are on a journey of survival-but can they survive each other? Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Cle star in AGAINST THE ICE, from director Peter Flinth and EVEREST producer Baltasar Kormákur on Netflix March 2.”

Against the Ice Plot

Against the Ice is a film adaptation of the novel Two Against the Ice written by Danish author and polar explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen. It follows the tale of Mikkelsen’s Greenland exploration in 1909.

Here’s the movie’s low down:

Set in 1909, Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen leads Denmark’s Alabama Expedition in an attempt to refute America’s claim to North-Eastern Greenland because of the notion that the island was divided into two pieces of land. As some volunteer crew members are left on the ship, Mikkelsen sets on a foot journey with Iver Iversen, a less experienced traveler.

The duo discovers that Greenland is a sole island. However, their journey back to the ship is cumbered by unexpected hurdles such as hunger, polar bear attack and fatigue. They arrive at the ship to find it crushed in the ice, and the crew members are gone.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays Ejnar Mikkelsen while Joe Cole plays Iver Iversen. Also starring are, Heida Reed as Naja, Ed Speelers as Bessel, Charles Dance as Neergaard, Dairmaid Murtagh as Poulsen, Gísli Örn Gardrsson as Jörgensen, Bachmann as Amdrup and Lin Gallagher as voice over.


Watch the suspenseful, danger-packed and heartfelt moments between Mikkelsen and Iversen in the video below:

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