CCC Recommends: What to Binge on Netflix This Weekend (December 4-5)

If you’re planning a nice lazy weekend in your pajamas, maybe because you just want to – there doesn’t have to be another reason – what better to do than binge some Netflix shows you haven’t seen before. Or even binge some that you have seen before, just to refresh your memory before a new season comes out!

1. Cobra Kai

If you want something nostalgic, cheesy, and funny, watch Cobra Kai, seasons one, two, and three before season four comes out at the end of the month. With 10 episodes in each season, all averaging around 30 minutes each, it’s very possible to watch all three seasons in one day, leaving the other day to binge something else!

2. Ozark

If you want something with a little more grit, crime drama Ozark is a wonderful show. Jason Bateman stars as the accountant who is dragged into a money-laundering scheme with a drug cartel and has to relocate his whole family in order to keep them alive. With the fourth season of this show coming out early next year, now is a perfect time to binge-watch the series for the first time, or as a refresher. With 10 episodes per season, most of them an hour long, it’ll be difficult, but if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.

3. Disenchantment

Alternatively, try something funny and light-hearted, such as the animated series from The Simpsons producer Matt Groening, Disenchantment. The show is set in Dreamland, a medieval kingdom ruled by King Zog, who finds it hard keeping his spirited daughter, Bean, out of trouble. Bean and her friends, Elfo, an actual elf from Elfwood, and Luci, a demon, get up to all sorts of hilarious misadventures throughout the series.

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