‘F is for Family’ to release its 5th season: Here’s what we know

Season 5 of F is for Family is currently in production for Netflix, with a release date set for later this year. The Murphy family, with whom we’ve been checking in since 2015, will be farewelled in the last season. F is for Family is currently the second longest-running adult animated series on Netflix, trailing only Bojack Horseman. The show has amassed a devoted following over the years and was renewed for a fifth season in October 2020.

What Happened Last season? (Spoilers Ahead!)

The arrival of Frank’s Father William was the focus of the fourth season of F Is For Family. Frank was shaken by his homecoming. He was going through a psychological crisis, and his peace was shattered. Frank’s father has been a bully his entire life. As a result, Frank will hate him for the rest of his life. This time, William reappeared as a kind, aging version of himself, much to the delight of all. Frank, on the other hand, finds it difficult to persuade others of his father’s cruel and aggressive actions.

Frank spends the entire season attempting to be a decent family man by caring for his children and wife. Particularly in comparison to his father. William admits his mistakes in the final episode of F Is For Family Season 4. He cried out to Frank, accusing him of being violent. Frank made it to Sue’s delivery on time at the end of Season 4. She became a mother to a little daughter. Frank introduces her to the rest of the family, including her grandfather. Only to witness William succumb to a stroke.

Season 5 Expected Plot

As a result, the episode ended on a cliffhanger last time. Frank’s father may or may not have survived in the fifth season. If he dies, it is possible that his death will have a significant influence on Frank. After all, he didn’t offer his father the second opportunity he so desperately desired. Throughout the fourth season, William tried tirelessly to repair his shattered relationship with his son. As a result, we might see a more improved and better Frank.

Celebrations, on the other hand, are in order. The Murphys have a new addition to their family: a newborn girl. So, happiness may be found anywhere. Furthermore, Kevin and Alice’s relationship, which was suggested last season, could play a major role in Season 5 of F is for Family.

The final chapter of the Netflix animated series has yet to be given an official release date. F is For Family season 5 could premiere in late 2021 or early 2022, according to a report from What’s on Netflix.

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