‘F1: Drive to Survive’ Season 4: Plot, Release Date, and Leaked Renewal

Time for a pitstop, eh? And no, I definitely did not get that reference from the Cars movie––but Guido is still my favorite character of the franchise. All that aside, let’s get on with the real deal––the real stars of the racing track. F1: Drive to Survive is back with its third season shortly before the new season of 2021’s F1 season begins. According to prominent sources around the F1 business, the Netflix team behind the series is back once again. This points towards yet another season for the series––a fourth one.

What is F1: Drive to Survive all about?

For those of you who haven’t caught on, the docu-series F1: Drive to Survive almost serves as a recap of the previous year’s F1 season. This is especially worth the watch for the racing fans, specifically the F1 fanatics! Not only does it refresh your memory of what happened during the last season, but it also gives you the goosebumps to wait for the next one. Watch it as much as you like––the production value is more than enough for you to enjoy it a couple of times in a day.

The docu-series, being a half-documentary, provides exclusive interviews and covers the season in a very unique way––unlike those post-race commentaries. Once big news around the F1 world comes out, it’s sure to be included in F1: Drive to Survive.

The first season of the docu-series arrived in March of 2019, the second season, on the other hand, arrived in February of 2020. The third season, which covers the whole of the 2020 F1 season, is set to premiere on the streaming giant on the 19th of March, 2021. As you can see, release dates prove to be consistently around the first quarter of the year––especially around the second or third month of the year. If there ever will be a release date for the fourth season, expect that it will be around these times as well.

Has F1: Drive to Survive been renewed for Season 4?

The news you’ve all been waiting for, I assume. It’s a thing, but nothing has been announced just yet. Rest assured knowing that film crews associated with the docu-series have been spotted for this year’s F1 season and that could only mean one thing––a fourth season might be upon us.

The news came from Brazilian sports journalist Julianne Cerasoli’s Twitter. She reports that the film crew for the streaming giant was, at the time, tailing Red Bull’s newest signing in Sergió Perez saying:

A little behind the scenes: Perez is giving an interview via Zoom and, behold, two professionals who work on the filming of Netflix are behind him … it seems that they are already starting the fourth season even before the third premieres!

If this is pointing towards the fourth season of the docu-series, then it is met with great delight by Netflix as there’s still so much going on around the world of racing––from new teams to new personnel. Either way, the streaming giant has a lot to uncover if season 4 is given a green light.

As for the official 2021 F1 season, it is due to start on the 28th of March with the first race held in Bahrain. Again, this is one of those things Netflix can cover because for the longest time, the first race almost always traditionally takes place in Australia.

However, the British-based Box to Box Productions will also have their hands full with projects not just with Netflix, but also with other streaming platforms this year––one including a docu-series alongside Apple TV+ based on the world surf league.

If anything, year after year, Netflix nails F1: Drive to Survive––and if there will be a fourth season, the best way to praise the streaming giant is to not be surprised by the quality they set themselves up with.

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