10+ Harry Potter Patronus Animals and Their Meanings

You’re missing the real vibe of a Harry Potter fan if you don’t have fundamental knowledge of the Patronus. To give you the benefit of the doubt, Patronus charm is a well-known defensive spell that protects wizards and witches from dementors.

It is a magical spell that creates a specific creature for the ones who cast it. Each of these Patronus says a lot about the personality of the individual. It identifies the hidden you that come out through a magical figure.

On this blog, we’ll be talking about Patronus list and their meaning:

Harry PotterStagHeroic and brave
Albus DumbledorePhoenixRebirth
Lily PotterDoeLove and protection
James PotterStagHeroic and brave
Severus SnapeDoeLove and protection
Hermione GrangerOtterCurious and friendly
Ron WeasleyJack Russell TerrierLoyal and stubborn
Remus LupinWolfPowerful and protective
Luna LovegoodHareAdaptable and quick-witted
Ginny WeasleyHorsePassionate



It is a famous Patronus because it’s known to be Harry Potter’s. It symbolizes heroism and bravery. Owners of this Patronus possessed a high leadership skill and he will pull off a fight especially if it means protecting the majority.


Dumbledore is known possessor of this Patronus. It is known as the resurrection bird, dying on a flame of fire and then rising again to a new life through the ashes. Phoenix describes a person as someone not afraid of death. He knows that death is a beginning of a new adventure, and he will always be set to face it without a second thought.


Severus Snapes and Lily Potter share the same Patronus in the form of a Doe. Possessors of this Patronus are protective of the people they love. They will never backdown from giving enemies an advantage to harm their loved ones.


Otters are symbols of life and purification. They are fearless and curious, and so they never consider the attitude of quitting when it comes to fulfilling desires. These creatures are also a symbol of friendship.

Jack Russell Terrier

Having this Patronus means that you are a loyal friend to anyone especially to your loved ones. They are ready to be someone’s first line of defense when there is trouble. However, owners of this Patronus tends to be stubborn and independent at times. And it’s evident on how Ron Weasley played up his character in the story.


Wolf Patronus perceived their casters as part of the pack. Therefore, they will do all ways to protect the casters at any cost. Wolves have incredible instincts. They will attack dementors on a near vicinity and hunt down anyone who will intrude the way.


Hare Patronus possessed a quick-witted and intelligent character. They are insanely fast and they never allow their attackers to hunt them down. Witches and wizards who possess this Patronous know that life’s difficulty will make them way stronger and bolder.


This Patronus represents power, freedom and vitality. They are usually stubborn and has a high sense of regard to individualities. They have a strong personality, but they can be compassionate and caring at times.

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