10 of the Hottest Anime Girls of all Time – 2022 Edition

When someone is defined as hot, he/she may have a personality that can entice one’s eye at a single glance. Definitely, this person has the  ability to grab attention without even trying. Well, this kind of  charm transcends even in the real of the anime world.

Anime fans have their own bias when it comes to who’s the hottest among the pool of well admired characters. On this writing, we give you some of the hottest anime female characters whose charm is simply irresistible.

Here are the  10 hottest female anime characters:

Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail

Known as the older Strauss sister, Mirajane is definitely your bombshell fairy tail character. Surely, every fan boy won’t resist the charm of this hot anime character who portrays a sweet and loving character.

She is bestowed with amazing figure and enticing long white hair. Her powerful ability makes her even more admirable.

Nami – One Piece

We can’t deny that One Piece is also a home to some of the hottest female anime characters and Nami holds a slot on the top list. She is a young intelligent lady driven by her ambition to create an entire map of the world. Nami is also a charming girl with a little dark secrets in the past..

Her blue tattoo on her shoulder makes her even hotter. She is breaking the common stereotype for women and indeed, she is doing it perfectly.

Goddess Hestia – Danmachi

Hestia is the goddess of home, heart and virginity. But, this anime character is not limited to being a pacifier of trouble because her physical attributes make her an epitome of Goddess indeed.

Her wholesome and caring image are the reasons why fans love her so much. But at times, this character is a bit jealous which makes her even cuter.

Nellie Tu Odershwank – Bleach

Also known as Nel Tu from bleach, this anime character is known for her ability to defeat her enemy without giving a hard try. She is extremely hot in her figure as an adult and she has a personality that is hard to resist.

One fun fact about her is that she was a former member of Aizen’s army. However, her character doesn’t revolve in pure evilness. When she was young, she has an adorable attributes and going old, she is linked to the character of Ichigo.

Kaname Chidori- Full Metal Panic

Kaname Chidori is a daughter of a UN official and has a bubbly an impulsive personality. She is the main female character  of Full Metal Panic and is bestowed with an enticing beauty.

She defies injustices and she won’t give a silence to a situation that speaks inequality. Definitely, she will make a way to shut down the triggers of abuse and maltreatment.

Ichiko Sakura – Good Luck Girl

She stands as the personification of good luck and fortune. Ichiko Sakura is the main protagonist of Binbougami ga. Because of her being blessed with overflowing hope and good luck, she is carrying a charm and personality that is nearly perfect. And it’s something one wishes to have.

Erina Nakiri

She possesses a talent beyond compare and she is the sole possessor of the legendary God’s Tongue. She could tell in details the ingredients in a dish even if she tasted just a portion of it. She is definitely hot on her long blonde hair,

Mei Terumi – Naruto

Mei is firm on her ambitions and is blessed with a power that is hard to turn down. She is the 5th Mizukage hidden in every mist.

Mei’s beauty transcend on her inner personality. She is known for her kindness and she worked hard to uplift the reputation of her poor village.

Her biggest regret is not being able to settle for a marriage.

Holo The Wise Wolf – Spice and Wolf

Closed to being immortal, Holo has lived a very long life and undoubtedly a wise and intelligent anime character.

Her being a wolf woman makes her more appealing. As such, she has the ear and tail of a wolf making her even prettier and cuter. She is definitely your hot and pretty wolf girl.

Hotaru Shidare – Dagashi Kashi

Everyone occasionally enjoys candies, but Hotaru wants you to try the finest candy in the entire world, which is a totally different kind of candy.

A very laid-back character that adores Dagashi, Japanese candy, and will do everything to sample some of the greatest Dagashi the world has to offer is Hotaru from the television series Dagashi Kashi.

Written by John Philip

Raised and born in the majestic islands of the Philippines. A firm believer that the world can be changed through the strike of a pen. A binge-watcher of environmental documentaries and an avid reader of sci-fi novels.

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