Anime Series ‘IDOLiSH7’ Gets Renewed for Season 3

The second season of the IDOLiSH7 anime, IDOLiSH7 Second Beat!, ended on Sunday. Note, however, that although that is bad news for the fans, the good news comes in the form of an announcement for a third installment of the anime series. There’s only limited information about this circulating the internet, but be sure to stay tuned to the anime’s website and Twitter account.

If there’s anything that made the IDOLiSH7 anime have an edge over other animes, it’s the soundtrack. ‘Beyond the Shine,’ the soundtrack used for the second season, will be shipping on the 13th of January with on-air versions of the opening and ending theme songs, episode 10’s super hype ending song titled ‘It’s ALL -for you-,’ episode 12’s song ‘Last Dimension (Symphonic Edition),’ and, arguably the best of them all, episode 15’s ‘Gekijō.’

The IDOLiSH7 smartphone game-inspired television series first premiered in Japan in January 2018 and boasted of 17 great episodes. Alongside television, the anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll, streamed the series as well. A month after, the IDOLiSH7 Vibrato spinoff series of anime shorts were launched.

The second season of the anime proved to be a long wait as it premiered on the 5th of April, 2020. However, the first season debuted way ahead of the rest of the season on the 6th of January where Crunchyroll also streamed it on the same day. It looks as if as long as the anime exists, Crunchyroll has the rights to stream the anime which proves to be a good sign for diehard anime fans.

Because of the pandemic, however, the second season, specifically the fifth episode, was delayed due to the state of the pandemic and the still-rising cases of the coronavirus. On the 4th of October, the series resumes all kinds of production and has just ended.

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