In need of a different dose of entertainment? No teen-drama, fiction, just a full-on different experience. Well, here’s something for you: the life story of a former astronaut, Jose Hernandez––coming to Netflix soon!

The streaming giant will be spearheading the feature film starring the life story of Hernandez, the first Latino-American in space.

As planned, the film will be called A Million Miles Away and will be based on Hernandez’s autobiography titled Reaching For The Stars.

Hernandez gave his playful bit through Twitter after seeing the news, saying:

Just in! Netflix will be making a movie based on my life story! I told newly selected director, Alejandra Marquez Abella, @marquezabella and my wife, Adelita, that if they cast @salmahayek to play her I am so auditioning to play myself!! So excited!

The film will be telling the whole story of Hernandez and how he came to be. Until the age of 12, he didn’t learn English––but would finish his college degree at the University of the Pacific. Soon after, he became a crew member of Space Shuttle Discovery in August of 2009. For almost two weeks, Hernandez and the other crew were floating in space.

However, 13 hours, 20 hours, 54 minutes, and 55 seconds in space wasn’t the only thing he flaunts of––he also co-developed the first, full-field digital mammography imaging system that could detect early signs of breast cancer.

Alongside Alejandra Marquez Abella will be Bettina Gilois, who wrote the script with Hernán Jiménez with productions from Select Films.

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