Kristen Bell Stars in Netflix Miniseries with the Longest Title Ever

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is perhaps the longest TV show title in history! Even its abbreviation, TWITHATSFTGITW is a mouthful and beyond pronunciation capacity.

Netflix drooped a tweet last night about this upcoming dark-comedy miniseries that will premiere on January 28 next year. Coupled with the show’s trailer, the post says, “Kristen Bell is the Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.’

A few minutes later, Kristen Bell tweeted, ‘When it rains, she pours. The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window premieres on January 28 on Netflix! @NetflixIsAJoke’.

The Trailer

The trailer features the protagonist, Anna (Kristen Bell) who witnesses a murder across her house window and immediately calls 911. However, her report is deemed false, and no one believes her. Anna then spirals into hallucinations caused by drinking and pill-popping, which drive her insane.

Created by Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras, this eight-episode dark comedy thriller previously known as The Woman in the House will leave you asking what, who, where, how and why from beginning to the end.

When Did Production Start?

Netflix ordered the limited series’ production on October 20 last year. Working alongside the show’s creators, were the executive producers Kristen Bell (who is also the lead), Jessica Elbaum, Brittney Segal and Will Ferrell. The miniseries is a production of Gloria Sanchez Productions.

Tom Riley joined the cast on February 19 2021. The show included more cast members on March 2 2021, consisting of Christina Anthony, Cameron Britton, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Mary Holland, Samsara Yett and Shelley Hennig. While the series began shooting on March 1 2021 in L.A., Michael Ealy was confirmed for a lead role on November 10 2021.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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