Netflix’s New South Korean Rom-Com ‘Love and Leashes’: Release Date and Official Trailer

February kicks off to a good start as Netflix unleashes new streaming content of all genres from Tall Girl 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Looop Lapeta, Jeen-Yuhs-Kanye Trilogy to the steamy South Korea romance film Love and Leashes.

Netflix announced the film’s debut on January 31, scheduling it for a February 11 release. That comes at a perfect time as you can watch and re-watch the movie throughout the weekend all through Valentine.


This 117-minute rom-com follows two colleagues working with a large corporation, Jung Ji-Woo (Seohyun), who has secret feelings for Jung Ji-hoo (Lee Jun-Young). Jung Ji-Woo mistakenly receives a package meant for Jung Ji-hoo one day as their names differ by just one letter.

She opens the package, finds a dog leash and quickly takes it to Jung Ji Hoo. He then tells her that he has an S&M fetish and that the leash is intended for bondage roleplay where he plays the submissive. Since Jung Ji Woo doesn’t criticize Jung Ji-hoo for his unorthodox sexual fetish, the latter party feels free to ask if she would become his master. The two agree to engage in a three-month relationship with Jung-Ji Woo as the dominant and Jung-Ji Hoo as her sex slave.

The film gives off a Friends with Benefits meets Fifty Shades of Gray vibe, and fans are eagerly waiting to see it explore a kinky side to Korean romance other than the usual sweet and affectionate.

Who Casts Love and Leashes?

The leading roles are filled by Seohyun as Jung Ji-Woo and Lee Jun-Young as Jung Ji-Hoo. Baek Hyun-Joo plays Jung-Ji Woo’s mother. Other Korean actors featured in the movie are Kim Bo-ra, Seo Hyun-Woo, Lee Suk-Hyeong, Kim Han-Na and An Seoung-Kyun.

Love and Leashes is directed by Park Hyun-Jin and written by Gyeowool.


The movie’s trailer dropped on YouTube on January 27. Get a taste of the intense and tantalizing sexual chemistry between Jung Ji-Woo and Jung-Ji Hoo from the video below:

Written by Sarah Moore

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