Madea’s Homecoming: Official Release Date and Netflix Trailer

Your long-waited Madea’s Homecoming Trailer and posters are out now on Netflix. The star comedian Tyler Perry has captured the media’s attention with his pop culture-motivated promotional posts featuring other celebrities.

He’s Back!

Everyone’s ideal character had announced his retirement from the series after featuring in A Madea’s Family Funeral in 2019. However, as he stated to the Entertainment Weekly, his return offered the much-needed laughter and relief from the tough COVID-19 times.

“The world’s current state has had nobody laughing anymore. What can I do within my power to get people laughing again? Our only savior would be the rib-cracking Madea.” Perry speaks.

“She’s Back.”- tweeted on June 8, 2021, from the iconic character’s Twitter handle @tylerperry; This is a piece of naked evidence that we will be getting more of the no-nonsense grandma’.

This 12th instalment also hinted at developing an LGBTQ storyline to recognize the current climate.

A Family Affair

Tension unveils during Madea’s great grandson’s graduation from college. Here, the family’s hidden secrets threaten to cut short the great homecoming moments.

Your favorite granny’s age is also revealed at a glimpse.


All Madea franchise stars are featured- David Mann (Mr Brown), Tamela Mann (Cora), and Cassi Davis Patton (Aunt Bam). Brendan O’Caroll (Agnes Brown) joins Tyler Perry in wearing dresses.

Other subsidiary characters include Ishaa Baker(the flight attendant), Brandon Black(dear white people), and Gabrielle Dennis(the up shaws).

Release Date

Get the movie’s trailer on Netflix’s official YouTube channel as we await its premiere on Friday, February 25, as hinted by Netflix:

Written by Sarah Moore

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