Single All The Way’s Michael Urie: Bio, Personal Life and Net Worth

You remember Michael Urie from the ABC dramedy TV show, Ugly Betty where he played Marc St. James, a gay assistant to Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) at Mode Magazine.
Today, Urie gains wider recognition from his recent Rom-Com Christmas film, Single All The Way, which was released on 2 December. Urie acknowledges Netflix’s investment in making a gay holiday movie that doesn’t major on coming out, homophobia or trauma.

Michael Lorenzo Urie’s Personal Life

Urie is a 41-year-old American actor, director, presenter and producer. He was born on August 8 1980 in Houston, Texas and brought up in Plano. He is of Italian and Scottish descent, which explains his devilishly good looks.

A Julliard alumna, Urie has had a thriving career in theatre and performing arts, and was credited for roles such as Shakespeare, commedia dell’arte and Jacobean drama while at the school.

He serves as a casting director for Plum Productions, where his previous projects included lowbrow and Prachto berfest. He also works as a freelance producer, creating The Fantasticks and Like The Mountains.

Urie started a website for live chats and videoblogging, including staged plays he did from his apartment during last year’s COVID-19 lockdown with his boyfriend, Ryan Spahn.

Is Urie Gay or Bi?

Though Urie has never publicised any relationship he had with a woman, in January 2010, during an interview with Advocate, he claimed to have dated women before, but the relationships didn’t work out. Urie came out as gay in the same year and has since been known to date Spahn, an actor who had a cameo role in Ugly Betty.

The love birds have often shared their memorable photos on their social media platforms, showing us that their relationship is not about to hit the brakes anytime soon. Though there has been no hint of wedding bells from the duo, Urie and his boyfriend share an apartment and have a dog and a cat.

Urie’s current net worth is $ 3million.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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