Netflix Announces 9 New Documentaries in June, Including Two Chilling Crime Stories

Aside from exhilarating movies and series, Netflix is widely known for its library of interesting documentaries — including true crime, inspirational, and educational — and the streaming service will add nine new releases in June.

Complete List of Upcoming Documentaries

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet is a promising documentary about the history of wildlife habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity in the pastures. This will also unveil solutions to avert the rising crisis. This nature documentary will premier on June 4.

Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats gives a peek of a group of Dutch cats going about their daily routines and adventures. This documentary is presented by the infamous feline Abatutu. It will be released on June 5.

If you love the Headspace Guide to Meditation and Headspace Guide to Sleep, you have to check out this new interactive experience of mindfulness. This new documentary will allow you to tailor your journey according to your mood or your attitude. Headspace: Unwind Your Mind will be available on the 15th of June.

Penguin Town is a docuseries which follows a group of endangered penguins as they flock together, find mates, and interact with their surrounding communities in a South African town. It will be released on June 16.

This is Pop is a music docuseries which honors pop music’s history and legends while simultaneously highlighting racism, misogyny, classism, queer politics, and social injustice that still exist in the business. Release date: June 22nd

Murder by the Coast. This Spanish documentary examines the 1999 murder of Roco Wanninkhof, a Dutch-Spanish adolescent whom police initially suspected of being murdered by her mother’s estranged ex, until DNA found near Wanninkhof’s body suggested otherwise. When will it be available? June 23rd.

Sisters on Track. Three young sisters from Brooklyn attempt to qualify for the Junior Olympics while dealing with other challenges at home in this inspirational documentary. The documentary will be released on June 24.

Wonder Boy is a documentary that follows the life and career of French fashion designer Olivier Roustein, who rose through the ranks of the Balmain brand to become artistic director. Premiers on June 26.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork. This docuseries follows Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a French woman found murdered near her West Cork vacation house in 1996, and the decades-long search for her killer. It will be available on June 30.

Which of these are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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