Netflix Cancelled ‘The Crew,’ ‘Mr. Iglesias,’ ‘Bonding,’ and ‘Country Comfort’

The Crew, featuring Kevin James, and Country Comfort, starring Katherine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian, are both wrapping up their seasons; Mr. Iglesias, starring Gabriel Iglesias, aired two seasons in three parts; and Bonding, written and directed by Rightor Doyle, aired two seasons.

Several important concepts from the canceled shows have helped Netflix stay afloat. James has signed a development contract with the streaming service to create a single-camera comedy series that he will produce and appear in. In addition, Doyle has signed a development contract with Netflix, and the third in a series of Iglesias stand-up specials is set to film this summer.

Single-camera comedies like Grace and Frankie and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as multi-camera sitcoms like Fuller House and The Ranch, helped Netflix get off to a solid start in the comedy genre. Since then, the streaming service has had difficulty producing a successful half-hour comedy series, particularly multi-camera comedies. Some of the issues originate from the fact that Netflix’s development approach excludes pilots, which are crucial proofs of concept for comedy series, especially multi-camera sitcoms, where timing and cast chemistry are crucial. The initial seasons serve as de facto pilots for Netflix, with some series not continuing past that point.

Recent successes have been achieved by the streaming service in terms of comedy. Family Reunion has been a strong performer as it enters the second half of its second season, and The Upshaws was recently renewed for an expanded second season of 16 episodes following a promising first season.

Canceled Netflix shows are expected when the streaming service orders so many more episodes than other networks. With so many great Netflix shows set to premiere in 2021, it’ll only be a matter of time until we see more renewals and cancellations.

Will you miss these series now that it’s been revealed that they won’t be renewed for a second season? Please let us know in the comments section.

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