Netflix Reboots an ex-Cartoon Network Show, ‘Johnny Test’

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for its Johnny Test remake — or Season 7 of the original Cartoon Network series, depending on how you choose to look at the streaming service’s continuation. Check it out below!

Johnny Test Trailer and Other Details

“How much trouble could one imaginative boy, his faithful dog and two science-loving sisters possibly get into? Hmm, that sounds like a challenge!” reads the caption of the new Johnny Test Netflix trailer. That pretty much sums up Johnny Test’s universe, and the Netflix series will be a direct continuation of the original series, beginning up just where it left off.

It has been revealed last year that Netflix will be the new home for Johnny Test, and that season 7 (or season 1 of the remake) would not be the only season to be released on the streaming service. Two seasons have been ordered in total, each of which will most likely consist of 20 episodes, each lasting roughly 11 minutes. And to top it off, there will be an interactive special!

The new season of Johnny Test features new obstacles for Johnny and his family (and dog), including inventing the “GPEscape” to travel to exotic locations, a battle royale episode on “Melee Island,” and a new big villain in the form of Johnny’s nasty (and robotic) baby brother. A Test Family team-up episode will also air.

Johnny Test has been on the Kids’ WB block, The CW, and now Cartoon Network. In the late 2010s, it even stumbled into a WildBrain web series. Fans are ecstatic that Netflix has picked up Johnny Test for a resurrection, even if the new animation style may take some getting used to. The new-look series has a lot cleaner and higher-resolution image (it will be available in 4K), but it retains the same charm that made the first season so popular.

The streamer is no stranger to bringing long-dead franchises back to life. Gilmore Girls, Full House, and Arrested Development have all received Netflix revivals. In fact, the streamer recently revealed that Masters of the Universe will be returning.

Will you be watching Netflix’s fresh episodes of Johnny Test? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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