Netflix’s Aggretsuko will Premier its 4th Season

Also known by its original Japanese title, Aggressive Retsuko, Aggretsuko is an animated comedy television series directed by Rarecho, a writer at Fanworks Studio. The Sanrio series has been one of the most theatrical anime releases of the past few years as supporters have come to enjoy the central Retsuko and her secret aggression towards the rest of her daily working life.

In April 2018, the actual net animation (ONA) anime series adaptation started airing on Netflix. The comedic series became popular, adapted into a comic book series by Daniel Barnes and D.J. Kirkland, released by Oni Press. The first issue of the comic book series, published on February 5, 2020

A Recap on the Last Season and What Should We Expect Soon

Through the previous season, Retsuko and her other band members have encountered numerous challenges. Retsuko is also facing troubles with her financial status while secretly taking part in a group of Japanese idols. Moreover, the fan who aggressively interacted with Retsuko– discovered to be the one who possessed the fake idol group’s account. Good thing that the manager of ‘OTM Girls’, Hyodo, found that out. Currently, Retsuko is living with her mother as she takes a break from her job. Knowing that her friends are concerned about her, Haida ensures to help and take care of her.

Fans are eager to know if Retsuko and Haida will have a deeper connection to each other in season 4. Knowing that Haida is very introverted and has a crush on our metalhead red panda with a bustling world, their interactions are genuinely comical. 

The release date of Aggretsuko Season 4 will be around December 2021 only on Netflix, as its page announced it on Twitter. Still directed by Rarecho and produced by Fanworks. The creators have not yet given any details about what will happen through the season, but it provides a good amount of anticipation of how things will turn out for every character. 

Get ready to rock on and rage with Retsuko!

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