Netflix’s Feel Good Christmas Movie: A Castle for Christmas

Get your hot cocoa and popcorn ready and your Netflix turned on, and escape to the Scottish highlands for a while to surround yourself with some warm festive feels. Starring Brooke Shields as Sophie, an American author, who needs to escape her life for a while after her latest book sends some of her fans into a bit of a tizzy. Her daughter, Lexi, encourages her to travel to Scotland, knowing that she has always wanted to visit. She goes to a castle there that has some family history for her, and when she finds out it is up for sale she decides to buy it. But the owner, the duke of Dunbar, who is played by Cary Elwes, is reluctant to sell to her, and he hatches a plan to make her life at the castle so miserable that she changes her mind about buying the place and goes back to America. It’s one of those easy movies that you can watch without having to think, and it might be just what you need today.

It’s a ‘will they, won’t they’ story with a predictable plotline, a predictable ending, and absolutely no twists or turns, but it’s also a cute and heartwarming Christmas tale with lots of twinkly Christmas lights, cozy pubs, snowy trees, and beautiful images of Scottish hills and villages.

Sophie falls in love with Scotland, and the castle, but will she fall in love with anything – or anyone – else? Probably… but watch it and find out!

Written by Hailey van Braam

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