Ozark Season 4 is Returning on Jan. 21, 2022: Here’s What We Know So Far

The Byrde family are coming back to Netflix with a bang next month. The series is returning in January 2022 for a final two-part season, with seven episodes in each part. After the first three seasons, we don’t know how Marty and Helen are going to keep getting away with everything, but we are rooting for them. With the cartel on one side, the FBI breathing down their necks on the other, and Darlene Snell at their backs, let’s hope they can move forward and sort things out for their family in season 4.

Now that they have lost Ruth Langmore, played by the amazing Julia Garner, is there anybody left that they can trust? Last season we saw Ruth going over to the absolutely terrifying Darlene Snell, played by Lisa Emery. She seems to be done with the Byrdes after realizing that they don’t see her as family, at least not the way she sees them. Her cousin Wyatt is with Darlene and that’s probably the only place Ruth feels she can go now. Darlene is pretty unpredictable, so we are hoping that Ruth won’t hang around for too long once she realizes just how much trouble Darlene can be.

It looks like the Byrde’s son, Jonah, is set to go completely off the rails for season 4, now that he knows that his mother is the one responsible for what happened to her brother last season. With their daughter, Charlotte, also struggling to come to terms with what they are doing, it will be interesting to see how they are going to keep the family together.

Written by Dave Cunningham

Raised and born in West London. Dave is currently studying BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College. Netflix favourites: You, Stranger Things, Ozark & Virgin River.

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