Mandalorian Lead Pedro Pascal Pushes Back at More Face Time Rumours

It must be a tough life being Pedro Pascal.

With The Mandalorian being a worldwide hit and receiving nothing but praise from hardcore Star Wars fans and newcomers alike, lead man Pascal and his character Din Djarin are quickly becoming on par with legends who have been the faces of the franchise for decades.

Credited by some as carrying the entire Star Wars brand on his shoulders (praise should be shared here with showrunner Jon Favreau and a stellar cast of writers and directors – Carl Weathers, Rob Rodriguez and Dave Filoni to name but a few), Pascal should be as easily recognisable as Hamill, Ford and Fisher

But with his face hidden under the now-iconic beskar armour for the vast majority of the show, it was totally understandable when rumours began to circulate that the actor wanted more screen time without his helmet, and was apparently ready to quit the show over the issue.

Pascal, appearing on the flagship BBC talk show The One Show, has hit back at these online rumours.

‘That’s not exactly true,’ he replied when questioned about the rumours. ‘It’s a wonderful way to tell the story.’

‘It’s always been a very clear creed for the character and the collaborative process of the whole thing, we’ve all been on the same page with this. So what I want is for them to make the best possible show, however they get that done.’

The door to a helmetless Mando, however, is being held slightly ajar. In a recent episode, fellow Mandalorian Bo-Katan revealed to Djarin that it is only a small sect of their people who take the vow to never reveal their faces, meaning a path towards more face time is possible for Pascal if the writers decide to take this route in the upcoming series.

Written by Colby J Smith

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