Pedro Pascal’s Future in The Mandalorian Season Three Still Unclear

Pedro Pascal’s stunt double in the global phenomenon The Mandalorian has quashed rumours that the lead-man is due to exit the show as fans begin to look ahead at the third season. 

The season finale of The Mandalorian certainly was a game-changer. With one huge character entering a few episodes back, and another leaving – namely baby Jedi wannabe Grogu, the future of the series is set to be dramatically different from the first two series.

The finale also revealed that Boba Fett will be getting his own spin-off show, with the title The Book of Boba Fett revealed during the end credits. With Disney so far saying very little, this has led many fans to speculate that this is not a separate show and that the focus of The Mandalorian will shift from Pascal’s character to Temuera Morrison’s Boba Fett and that the lead man will be phased out completely.

Pedro Pascal’s on-set stunt double has shined some light on the situation, taking to Instagram to confess his love and respect for Pascal, saying,

‘just in case the world didn’t know yet Pedro Pascal is incredible. The journey they wrote for him this season was so beautiful. The fact that Pedro went beyond the page and made this epic. Thank you Pedro. Yes!! Pedro is coming back. There was never any question. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.’

While this confirms Pascal will be featuring in the third season, we don’t get a clue of what capacity we will see him. A focus shift towards long-time fan favourite Fett is possible, but it doesn’t seem likely that Din Djarin will be forgotten completely, with many plot points being opened up in the final scenes of the season two ender.  

Djarin won the Darksabre from Moff Gideon and it would be criminal not to see him slicing up foes with this rare weapon for at least a couple of episodes. The show also set up a feud between fellow Mandalorian Bo-Katana and Djarin, with Bo-Katan coveting the Darksabre, a weapon that will crown her as the leader of Mandalore – only if she wins it from Djarin in physical combat. 

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