‘Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission to Mars’ Comes to Netflix on February 18

Netflix will soon release an animated one-hour special, Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission to Mars on February 18. The special comes after the events of the animated series season 1, which is available on the platform. Just like the name suggests, the comic Rabbids conspire to invade Mars for some reason.

While the special’s release seems new on Netflix, the company has been collaborating with Ubisoft for years. Check out the special’s trailer below:

The trailer introduces the goofy clumsy bunnies doing what they do best-wreaking havoc but surprisingly, this time for the god of mankind. This adventure special sees the Rabbids being assigned a mission to Mars to set the floor for human occupation.

Netflix’s Twitter logline of the film premiere reads, “An unlikely team of Rabbids are on the mission of a lifetime to Mars. It’s up to them to come together and stop the galaxy’s newest threat.”

It comes as a surprise though, as Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission Comes to Mars isn’t the original full-length film announced by Ubisoft and Sony Pictures. And we haven’t heard of any news concerning its release, but that’s not to say that it might not be in the works.

The animated special sees the introduction of a newbie Rabbid, Beardie whose intelligence gets him misunderstood by his idiot peers as he dreams of travelling to Mars. After acing all the assessments, he journeys to the red planet with three colleague Rabbids; Cosmo, the pilot with self-esteem issues, Mini, a cute tiny Rabbid with size issues and Disco, the dance floor queen.

Written by Sarah Moore

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