Rom-com Movie ‘I Want You Back’ is Now Out on Amazon Prime

Are you looking for a new rom-com film to watch this Valentine weekend? Amazon Prime’s I Want You Back is now available for streaming, and it showcases how messy love can get as two dumped singles go through great extents to win back their exes who quickly moved on to new lovers.

Prime Video announced 10 days ago that the movie would premiere on February 11, complete with a new trailer. The logline, “How far would you go to get your ex back? These two would do ANYTHING,” certainly catches your attention.


With February coming with high expectations about love, if you are newly single and haven’t moved on, would you try to get your ex back this Valentine? or would you accept and move on?

Emma (Jenny Slate) and Peter (Charlie Day) found themselves asking the same as they struggled to accept that they have been unexpectedly dumped. After discovering that their exes had moved on to new romances on social media, the two decide to work together to break their exes’ new relationships.

Emma would seduce Peter’s ex new boyfriend while Peter would befriend Emma’s ex and make him see what a great woman he had lost. Will they succeed in their mission? You’d have to watch to find out.


Directed by Jason Orley, the film features several comics and rom-com stars like Charlie Day as Peter, Jenny Slate as Emma, Scott Eastwood as Noah (Emma’s ex), Gina Rodriguez as Anne (Peter’s ex), Manny Jacinto as Logan (Anne’s new boyfriend) and Clark Backo as Ginny (Noah’s new girlfriend).

Other stars appearing in the movie include Luke David Blumm as Trevor, Giselle Torres as Chloe, Isabel May as Leighton, Quinn Cooke as Taylor, Pete Davidson as Jase, Jami Gertz as Rita, Dylan Gelula as Lisa, Mason Gooding as Paul and Jordan Carlos as Mark.


The rom-com movie already has a 73% rating on IMDb and an 89% Rotten Tomatoes score, with several favorable reviews from top critics. Randy Myers, a top critic from San Jose Mercury News, quotes, “The actors in this ensemble cast continually hit their comedic marks while the screenplay sparkles and the direction by Jason Orley is equally caring and carefree.”

Let’s just say this film is one to watch and re-watch this Valentine’s.

Written by Sarah Moore

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