‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ is coming to Netflix in July 2021

Sailor Moon is probably one of the most well-known anime from the last 30 years. Based on a manga that debuted in 1991, the series has been translated into a famous 200-episode anime, three films, a live-action drama, and, most recently, a Sailor Moon Crystal anime relaunch. Here’s what you can expect from the manga adaptation series:

“Usagi Tsukino is chosen to be a guardian of justice and is sent on a quest to locate a Silver Crystal before the Dark Kingdom invades the Earth.”

The most important thing to remember is that the entire series revolves around the Sailor Guardians concept. Sailor Guardians are a group of young girls who have been given exceptional abilities and are linked to planets all throughout the universe. The powers of the Sailor Guardians who are shielded by planets from our solar system are occasionally elemental in origin. Other times, the powers are linked to mythology from the past.

You’ll be fine if you’ve only seen anime from the 1990s. The key caveat here is that in Sailor Moon Crystal, several of the characterizations and relationship dynamics are altered. In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, for example, Rei Hino, alias Sailor Mars, is more aloof and serious than in the original anime, where she likes chasing boys and regularly conflicts with Sailor Moon’s heroine, Usagi. Fans of the first anime series can skip Sailor Moon Crystal if they’re short on time as long as they’re aware of the differences.

Viz Media, which continues to license important anime to Netflix, including a collection of Naruto titles and Bleach, has acquired the rights to the series. Seis Manos was also produced specifically for Netflix. For the time being, Netflix is unlikely to be the only place where the show can be found. Hulu has already aired all three seasons, whereas Crunchyroll has only aired two. Sailor Moon, the original 1992 series, is only available in its entirety on Hulu. As far as we know, Sailor Moon Crystal will only be available in the United States, but check your Netflix apps on July 1st to see if it will be available elsewhere.

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