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    10 Best Comedy Anime Series to Get You Laughing

    Shounen and drama anime are all well and good. But every now and then you just wanna switch your brain off and consume something lighter. Or maybe you’re feeling down and just want to have good laugh. I know I’ve felt that way more than once or twice or 722,391 times *cough*cough*. So, here’s my […]

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    Kengan Ashura Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Plot and Trailer

    Blood-boiling fights, brutal takedowns, merciless battles, and stunning choreography were the factors to which Kengan Ashura marked its bloody inception. A fast-paced, action pulpy anime series that depicts a grandeur tournament of trained fighters taking it out on each other with no regards for the sanctity of life, so that their boss might gain the […]

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