‘Shadecraft’: Showrunner of ‘Lucifer’ is set for a new Supernatural Netflix Project

Darn it, you Lucifans are always getting spoiled, aren’t you? With the soon-release of the latest season of Lucifer, the series will be heading towards an inevitable end––literally meeting God, if you know what I mean. However, showrunner Joe Henderson has a trick up his sleeve––a new project with the streaming giant––and it’s looking like we’re in for another supernatural and leaning towards the more horrific side of the genre with Shadecraft.

Either way, we’re just here for the Lucifer-esque party––nothing more, nothing less. If it exceeds expectations, however, then maybe we can talk something out.

Now, who here is a shy, anxious teenager like I was when I was growing up? I’d say a few out there are like that. If so, then let us introduce you to something you might look forward to in the near future.

What is Shadecraft all about?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant has picked up the rights to the TV development of Henderson’s upcoming Image Comics series, Shadecraft. The comic series follows a high school student whose life is quickly turned inside out after the shadows around her come to life.

The comic series has always focused on Zadie Lu, a teenager who struggles just like every teenager in the world––with crippling fear and tons of anxiety. Relatable? Check! However, those traits will have to be strengthened as the shadows in her small town come to life. And we’re not talking about the jolly kind of “coming to life,” we’re talking about shadows that are trying to kill her. The only good thing that comes with this sudden turn of events is that her own shadow plants to stick by her side.

At the very least, she’s not alone in fighting the shadowed monsters away, let alone the already-present trauma from high school. That description alone is creepy enough to pass the Netflix test. They sure love their weird plots, don’t they?

Who are attached to the creation of Shadecraft?

The pilot of the series will be written by Henderson and The 100‘s Georgia Lee. The artist of the comic version of Shadecraft, Lee Garbett, will serve as one of the producers of the Netflix adaptation. No matter what direction you look at, it looks solid as Henderson’s project––from the team and the plot.

Henderson alone gives the series some serious firepower after successfully finding his groove with one of Netflix’s best treasures in Lucifer. However, he alone isn’t the key to, must I say, the inevitable success of this incoming project. He and Lee have already worked alongside each other––specifically for the acclaimed comic series, Skyward, which was nominated for the prestigious and sought-for Eisner Award. That comic, on the other hand, is being developed for a film adaptation at Sony Pictures.

All that aside, we can clearly be confident in Henderson and Lee’s skill in making this adaptation a success. With that team working with Netflix for a plot coming out of Stephen King’s page, they’re bound for viewers.

Lucifer, on the other hand, is slated to premiere new episodes of its final season this year. Let’s please not forget about that just yet. Shadecraft is still in the early stages of its development so there’s really no word about when it will be premiering. However, if you really want to be up-to-date and would love something to read during the pandemic, the first issue of the comic is set to release in stores on the 31st of March.

It’s completely up to Henderson on how he’ll be handling the live-action, supernatural horror series. At the end of the day, we have Lucifer as some sort of standard––and that’s high enough for anyone’s liking.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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