‘Stargate SG-1’ Writer Brad Wright Reveals the Storyline He Wanted to Share but Couldn’t

Ever since there was news regarding the newest Stargate project, fans were really collectively letting everyone––from producers, actors, and the director––to share just a little bit more news. However, what Brad Wright, the producer of the legendary sci-fi series, shared was more than what fans bargained for––the story he always wanted to tell but never got the chance to.

In an interview with The Companion, Wright answered a couple of questions from the fans about the legacy of the franchise and, of course, what it was like to be a part of it. From aesthetic-centered questions to what episodes were the hardest to shoot, Wright eventually gave in and told what he wishes could have been a part of his run for Stargate SG-1.

He zoomed in greatly on the Aschen storyline, a pretty short SG-1 arc that played throughout the episodes 2010 and 2001. This storyline involves a race of super-advanced aliens who wiped out civilization after civilization through sterilization. Weirdly epic, yes, but nonetheless something the fans would’ve also wanted to see.

I thought their plan was so insidious, but (fellow producer) Rob Cooper used to tease me about it, because he felt the long game the Aschen played was inherently undramatic,” he laughed. “Which is why it ended up playing well as a time travel story, because by the time we realize what their plan is, it’s too late, so we have to find a way to send a message back and not meet them in the first place … I thought I could come up with another long game type story. There was something interesting about a culture that had that sense of superiority and sense of the long game of well, we’ll win, it’ll just take 100 years.

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