‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’: Some Wacky Characters, Plots, and a Ton of Fun

The first time we met the Stranger Things characters, we were introduced to some of the most passionate Dungeons & Dragons players before it became one of the biggest role-playing games in the world. However, more passionate than the characters are those who portray them––well, that’s what we got after the D&D session provided by Netflix on YouTube last Friday.

In the series, though the four protagonists are battling the Demogorgon to save the world, the four members of the cast are doing it for fun––and to save Christmas, I guess.

Included in the playthrough are David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), and Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler). Lost Odyssey: Toy Time for Ten-Towns, the adventure session was called and was ran by D&D’s very own Principal Story Designer, Chris Perkins.

The story is set in Ten Towns, a staple location from the recent D&D adventure module Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. The adventure lets four of the stars venture out to investigate what is the reasoning behind the absence of presents during the holidays for the second time in a row. Yup, that’s a crisis if I’ve ever seen one.

Kenny Kaboom, David Harbour’s character during the playthrough, said:

“I know in this world it’s not called ‘Christmas,’ but we’ve gotta save Christmas.”

Alongside Kenny Kaboom are Sylvester the Wise (Finn Wolfhard), a half-elf paladin who is the group’s unprecedented leader, Jinx (Natalia Dyer), an elf rogue with a ton of trust issues, and Meryl Stroop (Gaten Matarazzo), a half-elf ranger who’s out for revenge for the yeti who killed his family.


Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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