‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Release Date, New Cast Announcements, and More

Hawkins, Indiana isn’t just inhabited by the Wheelers, the Byers, the Hendersons, and the Sinclairs. With a new season upcoming, the world of Stranger Things has just grown bigger––population-wise, I guess. Netflix announced a handful of the new cast members for the fourth season of, arguably, the biggest series on the platform during the third day of Geeked Week.

The Duffer brothers, the geniuses behind the show, were the first to apologize for a delay on the fourth season because of safety and health concerns revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic last March. However, they’ve already bounced back and even added more people to the Stranger Things family.

Who are the new cast members for Stranger Things?

Great question! In a universe full of Dungeons and Dragons-loving and adventurous (this is an understatement) group of boys and girls, it isn’t that bad to add a couple more talents who could potentially prove the end of the Upside Down and the Demogorgons.

  • Amybeth McNulty (Anne with an E) will play Vickie, an awesome, conversational band nerd who attracts the attention of one of our Hawkins heroes.
  • Myles Truitt (Queen Sugar) will play Patrick, a basketball star from Hawkins who, by definition, is extremely popular with friends, talent, potential, and living the good life––until a sequence of events changes his life forever.
  • Regina Ting Chen (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier) will play Ms. Kelly, an admired guidance counselor who takes care of her students regularly and with the deepest love––especially those who are fighting through the most.
  • Grace Van Dien (Charlie Says) will play Chrissy, Hawkins’ High lead cheerleader and, also by definition, the most popular girl in school. However, not everything is as they seem. Some might even hold the darkest of secrets.

According to the Duffer brothers, every single one of the cast and crew members is working very hard on this show, and that they couldn’t wait for you to see it. Last year, it was mentioned that Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) is set to play another killer. Oh, by golly, nothing suits the role more than Freddy Krueger himself.

When is the release date of Stranger Things Season 4?

As for anything else besides the new cast members, the brothers didn’t want to give any details on when the premiere date would be. However, it’s safe to assume that the fourth season of the series would arrive on Netflix around next year.

While the fourth season is still under production and well on its way to Netflix, fans don’t really have to wait that long for more content about the story. Netflix released a prequel podcast and book, Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins, that focuses on Maya Hawke’s character from the third season. It isn’t much, but it’s honest work from the series.

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