‘The Boys: This is Going to Hurt’ and ‘The Boys’ Season 3: Major Wins for Fans of the Fiction Comic and TV Series

Tick tock (not the platform, please), goes the clock. The Kickstarted campaign for The Boys: This is Going to Hurt board game, from Dynamite Entertainment and 1First Games, has done it and more. Not only have they surpassed the original $50,000 goal, but as the campaign ended, they reached a whopping $81,955 despite an effort to reach $100,000.

Heads up, though, with the benchmark achieved, every backer from the retail tier and above have unlocked themselves an exclusive variant cover of Dynamic Comics’ Dear Becky #8 by Darick Robertson.

I imagined them studying the game more than playing it,” Robertson said to SYFY WIRE. “It would be pretty meta for them to have [This is Going to Hurt] in their world, as it encompasses the characters and storyline from the comics. Also, if you’ve read the comics, you’ll know The Female and Frenchie play games in their own unique way that doesn’t really follow the rules.

With all the comic book fans (most likely series fans, as well) winning, they’re also looking out for the third season of The Boys TV series on Amazon. Reportedly, production is set to begin soon. However, other details regarding the series, including its plot, are unknown. News of Supernatural‘s very own Jensen Ackles is set to play a patriotic soldier––someone like Marvel’s Captain America, presumably.

I’m pretty excited that Jensen Ackles is joining the cast!” Robertson says. “I am sworn to secrecy about everything, so I can’t say much, other than from what I hear they’re developing. The temperature on this season is going up another notch. [Showrunner] Eric Kripke knows what he’s doing and the show is in great hands.

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