The Cult Classic Film ‘Anaconda’ is Now Available for Streaming on Netflix

Netflix kicks off the month of February with new streaming content, some Netflix’s originals while others classic films that have been shelved over the years, including the 1997 horror film Anaconda.

As of Tuesday, February 1, Anaconda will be available on Netflix U.S. The generation of ’90s kids can probably relate to the horrific moments of a giant snake that chases you well into your dreams. If you feel nostalgic about this movie, then give yourself one good Tuesday night treat.

Anaconda Info

This Luis Llosa film follows a filmmaker Terri Flores starring Jennifer Lopez and her crew journeying deep into the Amazon forest in search of a forgotten tribe for their documentary. Terri and her group, which includes a cameraman (Ice Cube) and an anthropologist (Eric Stoltz), encounter Paul (Jon Voight), a man hunting the legendary Anaconda who offers to help them find the tribe.

However, his secret intention puts the crew members’ lives in danger and by the time they realize that he’s been using them, it’s too late.


Through Anaconda was a success at the international box office, grossing $136.8 million against a budget of $45 million, it received some pretty harsh reviews from critics.

Its Tomatometer scale reads 37%, with top critics satirizing the movie’s hard-to-convince CGI effects of the snake, making its horror intention cut across as laughably hokey. However, if you grew up watching Anaconda as I did, the film was downright scary at the time.


Get to see some of Hollywood’s biggest names in their fresher acting days, including Jon Voight as Paul Serone, Jennifer Lopez as Terri Flores, Owen Wilson as Gary Dixon, Eric Stolz as Dr Steven Cale, Ice Cube as Danny Rich, Jonathan Hyde as Warren Westridge, Danny Trejo as a poacher, Kari Wuhrer as Denise Kalberg, Vincent Castellanos as Mateo and Frank Welker as Anaconda.


Written by Sarah Moore

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