The Netflix Original Series ‘Hellbound’ is the New Squid Game

Korean shows are taking Netflix by storm, with the new Korean fantasy series, Hellbound topping Netflix’s Top 10 TV show list.

For two months, Squid Game was the talk on everyone’s lips, but it has finally dropped off the Top 10 Netflix show list, with Hellbound proudly taking its place.

Having only launched two days ago on Friday 19th November, this supernatural fantasy series has already claimed a superfans base.

More About Hellbound

Written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, this series is based on the Hellbound webtoon. It is relatively short, with a compilation of only six episodes that run for around 50 minutes each, so it should be a quick binge-watch on a lazy weekend.

Hellbound is stirring raving reviews from both viewers and critics and even boasts 100% Rotten Tomatoes, with the imagery and technique coming off as its strongest suit.

In a nutshell, the super fiction hit show is based in a world where there’s a thin line between Earth and Hell. That said, people can foresee when they’ll die, which prompts demons to arise to kill them when the time comes. This wicked twist of fate creates a cascading battle for survival among the characters.

Positive Hellbound Remarks

If films based on the tug of war between death and destiny are your thing, then you will enjoy every bit of this one.
Various fans have already taken to Twitter to share their views of the show, with some claiming that with such a baffling ending, they expect an upcoming season very soon.

Whatever the sentiments, there is no doubt that the intoxicating blend of horror and heavy-effect is what has starred Hellbound as the next Squid Game.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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