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Tokyo Revengers Manga Is Coming To End

After more than 5 years of serialization, it’s officially announced that the hit manga Tokyo Revengers will come to an end. The manga’s first chapter was released last March 2017 and it was revealed that this masterpiece got more than 65 million copies circulating around the world.

All About Tokyo Revengers

The story of Tokyo Revengers revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki the main protagonist of this series. He suddenly time-leaps back to his middle school days after getting the news of his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana passing away. The infamous group Tokyo Manji Gang was the one who killed his girlfriend. From then on Takemichi promised that he will change the future and he aims to defeat the Kanto region’s most delinquent gang.

Where It Went Downhill

A lot of fans felt that the story slowly declines after the release of chapter 200. The Vahalla arc was built with random stuff which is not established in the story. The fans felt that there were unnecessary deaths and there were a lot of people who switched gangs just to make a stepping stone for Takemichi to meet Mickey the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. I’m sure most of us were excited about how the author plans to end this masterpiece.

Final Chapter Release Date

The official Twitter account of Tokyo Revengers officially announce that the final chapter will be posted on November 16. A lot of fans were really excited about how this series will end within the last 5 chapters until the said date.

Post from the official Twitter account of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Live Action News

It was announced that the live-action adaptation of Tokyo Revengers is getting a sequel movie this coming 2023. It is expected that Warner Bros Japan is the one who will produce the movie and its trailer. The cast will be the same as the first hit live-action adaptation of this series.

Are you thrilled to read the last 5 chapters of Tokyo Revengers? Leave your thoughts below!

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