‘Tribes of Europa’: Netflix’s Newest German Original Dystopian Series

It’s almost the end of 2020, but that doesn’t mean Netflix has to end its streak of releases. As far as I’m concerned, let Netflix do its thing.

This time, a new German Original series is coming to the streaming giant in 2021. Tribes of Europa, it’s titled––a six-episode dystopian sci-fi series. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming German series!

Tribes of Europa is one of Netflix’s many releases in 2021. Full of anticipation, the Netflix Original is the twelfth German series on the streaming platform. Thankfully, Netflix has seen some German Originals thrive in front of their very own eyes with the likes of Dark and Barbarian. Hopefully, the newest addition to the family can keep that going.

As promised, the German series will be coming at your door next year––but a lot sooner than you’d expect. Thanks to the trailer, it’s been known that Tribes of Europa will be coming to the streaming giant on the 19th of February, 2021, and will be available on Netflix globally.

Flaunting a solid six-episode season, the German series is about the year 2074 wherein the continent has been split into several Tribal states––all fighting for the power of control. When three siblings in Kiano, Liv, and Elija were scavenging across the land, they come upon a mysterious cube.

The cast will be made up of Henriette Confurius, Oliver Masucci, David Ali Rashed, Emilio Sakraya, Melika Foroutan, Hoji Fortuna, Jeanette Hain, Robert Maaser, Anon Mall, Kendrick Ong, Lena Paraminski, Christoph Rygh, Ana Ularu, and Adam Vacula.

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

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