Two of the Greatest Star Wars Veterans to Feature in a Disney+ Film Special

Everybody’s favourite droid duo are getting their own special to be aired on streaming service Disney+.

Making their debut in the original 1977 Star Wars outing A New Hope, the unsuspecting droids C-3PO and R2-D2 played a pivotal part in kick-starting the adventures of Luke Skywalker and went on to appear in all nine of the Skywalker saga films over a span of forty-two years. 

The new animated special will be brought to screens by Lucasfilm Animation, the studio responsible for the critically acclaimed Clone Wars animated series, and Industrial Light and Magic, the effects company founded by George Lucas in 1975, which has since worked on all the Star Wars feature films and more recently provided breathtaking cutting-edge effects for The Mandalorian. With two huge forces in the worlds of visual and animated effects coming together to work on this project, A Droid Story is sure to be a treat for the eyes.

Further details are unknown, with the cast and release date yet to be announced. One snippet of information came from Twitter, with the official star wars account tweeting, ‘this epic journey will introduce us to a new hero guided by R2-D2 and C-3PO.’

It’s unknown when in the Star Wars timeline the film-length special will take place, and with the two central characters having a role in more or less all of the major events of the Skywalker saga,  there is a rich history of plot points and backstory to choose from. There is even the possibility of a crossover with the many the Star Wars projects under development, with Disney pushing the franchise towards the direction of the highly successful Marvel-style cinematic universe.

Written by Colby J Smith

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