Umbrella Academy Season 3 Release Date: Spoiler – We Still Don’t Have One

We are waiting with bated breath for an Umbrella Academy season three announcement. We know that filming has wrapped on ten new episodes of the series, so all we need now is a release date to look forward to.

So far the show has seen the Hargreeves kids, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, and Vanya saving the world a couple of times, but with season three expected to drop in 2022, we think it’s safe to assume that the world may soon be in danger once again.

After their adventures traveling through time and preventing apocalypses in seasons one and two, the Hargreeves arrive back home only to find themselves in a different timeline. This is why we don’t time travel, kids, take note. Bad things happen.

What once was the home of the Umbrella Academy is now in the hands of The Sparrow Academy… whoever they are, right? Sir Reginald Hargreeves is alive, which may actually be good news for Grace and Pogo, wouldn’t it be lovely to see them alive again too? Ben, who we recently lost, is also alive but a member of the mysterious Sparrow Academy.

The Sparrows will consist of, as well as Ben, who is no longer quite as lovable as we remember him, Marcus, described as “A charming, chiseled colossus.” Fei, who is smart and tough, Alphonso, a witty, scarred crimefighter, Sloane, a dreamer, and Jayme, a loner. We will also see Christopher, who apparently is “a telekinetic cube of unknown origin”, so that will be an interesting development…

We hope a release date will be announced soon, we can’t wait for more shenanigans from Klaus.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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