How To Watch USA Network Without Cable

There is so much to love about the USA Network. Whether it is the huge catalog of original programming, classic syndicated shows, movies, or professional wrestling, USA Network is one of the best choices for reliable content that cable television has to offer. That’s why the USA Network is found on nearly 98% of households that pay for cable.

The USA Network is a major cable channel that is a part of the NBC Universial family of networks. Known for its diverse range of programming, the USA Network made a serious splash with its original shows in the early 2000s. Shows like Monk, Psych, and Burn Notice have become beloved classics that have cemented the USA Network as a legacy channel.

Apart from their original programming, the USA Network is also one of the few non-pay-per-view channels that you can regularly watch professional wrestling, particularly from the WWE, pro wrestling’s premier league. Other sports like hockey, soccer, and auto racing are making their way over to USA Network as well in the coming months.

Watching the USA Network without cable is easy, and there are a ton of different ways that you can access all its great content without all the headaches that go along with regular cable. Keep reading to find out the many ways that you get the USA Network on your smart TV, desktop, or other streaming devices without the expensive price tag and hassle-filled contracts that come with traditional cable subscriptions.

Stream The USA Network On Hulu

As with Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services around. There is no shortage of great movies and shows that you can access from Hulu’s massive streaming library. Here’s how you can enjoy the USA Network by using Hulu:

  • Hulu + Live TV is Hulu’s answer to basic cable providers. It is a fully online streamable cable subscription that boasts 75+ channels including the USA Network, and other favorites like TNT, TLC, and the Food Network.
  • For $64.99/month you get access to the full Hulu library as well as all of the live cable channels mentioned above.
  • This basic package allows you to stream on two screens at once and provides 50 hours of DVR so you can record your favorite shows to watch later.
  • Not only can you watch the USA Network live, but many of the original shows that air on the USA Network are available to watch on-demand through the Hulu library, including Burn Notice and White Collar.
  • You can bundle Hulu + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ for only $72.99/ month! This is a great option for families, sports fans, or anyone trying to cut the cord without sacrificing options for great content.
  • If you don’t want the live television element, you can still access plenty of USA Network series by streaming through the Hulu app:
  • The Basic plan for Hulu gives you one month of totally free access to Hulu’s library on-demand with advertisements. After the month-long trial, it is $5.99/ month with no cancellation fees.
  • For $11.99 / month, you can upgrade from the basic plan to watch all your favorite shows completely ad-free. You still get the free month-long trial period, as well as the option to download shows and watch them offline.

Stream The USA Network On Sling TV

Another way to stream the USA Network without having a traditional cable plan is by signing up for Sling TV. If you are looking for an inexpensive and flexible option for streaming live television, Sling TV has a few different packages that could be perfect for you.

  • The USA Network is included in Sling TV’s Blue package which also includes a ton of great news channels and other favorites like TBS and FX.
  • For $35/ month, you get access to 44 channels including the USA Network just as if you had regular cable.
  • With Sling TV Blue, you can expect a hassle-free approach with no long-term contracts, no rental equipment, and no cancellation fees.
  • Sling TV is offering an introductory deal where you only pay $10 for your first month!
  • Another great feature that is included with Sling TV Blue is on-demand access to over 80,000 movies and television shows that you can watch whenever you feel like it.
  • You can DVR up to 50 hours of live television for free with Sling TV Blue.
  • Streaming Sling TV is easy from most devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Samsung and LG smart TVs, and Chromecast.

Stream The USA Network on Fubo TV

Traditional cable companies are so restrictive and filled with costly hidden fees, which is why Fubo TV has gained such popularity as of late. With Fubo TV, you are getting one of the largest and most reliable sources of live television that is available to stream.

  • The USA Network is included in Fubo TV’s line-up of 100 plus channels along with ESPN, AMC, and HGTV.
  • The Starter Plan on Fubo TV is only $64.99/ month which allows you to access 116 channels, 130+ live events in 4k, as well as providing 250 hours of DVR space included with your subscription.
  • You can stream Fubo TV on three different screens at once with the Starter Plan.
  • Upgrading to the Elite Plan for $79.99/ month will increase the number of channels you can access to 160 as well as 44 entertainment channels included with Fubo Extra.
  • The Elite Plan also boasts 1000 hours of Cloud DVR space and an unlimited number of screens, which means everyone in your family can stream content on Fubo TV at the same time.
  • Fubo TV is great for watching local channels as well, which are less common with many online television streaming services.

Stream The USA Network on YouTube TV

Not only is YouTube the go-to place for video content online today, but it also offers a great option for watching live television. With YouTube TV, you can stream a bunch of your favorite television channels like the USA Network right alongside millions of hours of viral vids, how-tos, and music.

  • The USA Network is one of 85+ channels that YouTube TV has to offer.
  • YouTube TV is great for sports fans, as the NFL, MLB, and NBA networks are all included in their base subscription package. These are not as common on many live television streaming platforms.
  • Perhaps the biggest selling point with YouTube TV is that they feature unlimited DVR capabilities. This means there is no limit to how much live television you can record and store on their cloud-based storage system.
  • Coming in at only $64.99/ month, there is great bang for your buck with YoutubeTV.
  • You can have up to three screens streaming at once and six different profiles per account on YoutubeTV.
  • The first week of YouTube TV is totally free with their introductory offer.

Stream The USA Network on AT&T TV

If you are looking for a ton of variety and options regarding streaming packages, then check out AT&T’s live television option. Thankfully, you don’t need to have traditional wired AT&T cable services to enjoy their great cordless streaming service.

  • AT&T offers four different packages for live streaming television:
    • Entertainment Package is their base subscription level. For $69.99/ month you get 65+ channels including the USA Network, as well as 40,000 on-demand titles and 20 hours of DVR storage.
    • Choice Package is the next level up. Coming in at $84.99/month the amount of channels you get goes up to 90+ as well as a free year subscription to HBO Max included.
    • Ultimate Package gets you 130+ channels for $94.99/month. You still get the free year of HBO Max and regional sports channels are also included. Not only is this just live television content, but you also get access to 55,000 on-demand movies and shows.
    • Premier Package is the creme de la creme of live television streaming. 140+ channels are included along with the free year of HBO Max and 65,000 on-demand titles. The thing that makes this top-tier so appealing is that most premium cable channels like Starz and Showtime are also included, giving you more content than you can handle.
  • AT&T TV is compatible with many streaming devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast.
  • There are also a ton of local channels that come with most of the AT&T streaming packages.
  • No hidden fees and no annual fees make this a great option for cord-cutters.

There are numerous ways to watch all the great shows on The USA Network without any of the hassles of regular cable. Ditch the cable box, the locked-in contracts, and the costly service fees and embrace the cord-cutting lifestyle. Any of these options will allow you to watch standout USA Network shows like Mr. Robot and Queen of the South, along with a whole lot more.

Written by Dave Cunningham

Raised and born in West London. Dave is currently studying BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College. Netflix favourites: You, Stranger Things, Ozark & Virgin River.

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