Why Sex Education is a Chart-topping Beast on Netflix?

Don’t miss out on a rare gem of a TV show on Netflix, which soared to the top of the charts for its season 3 release! Sex Education has an abundance of fans and audiences. The show is a once in a blue-moon series that talks about the different variables involving sex like embarrassment, disappointment, confusion, fun, being wild, awkwardness, and a hurricane of emotions.

All About Sex Education

The show can be the perfect binge to watch for young adults, where sexual discovery usually is at its peak. Sex Education is incredibly unique in presenting sex with real-life variables compared to how most movies depict sex simply and straightforwardly.

The story revolves around a teenage boy named Otis Millburn with a sex therapist mother; he teams up with his classmate to set up a hidden sex therapy clinic at their school.

The Data Shows Strong Approval Ratings

Since the release of Sex Education, it has always been a fan favorite show on Netflix. The show garnered a score of 8.3 in IMDb and a 96% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

The comedy-drama tackles the importance of sexual discovery and safety that teenagers typically explore on their own. Its popularity may also be attributed to a large audience of young adults and teenagers which sparked their curiosity because of the title of the series itself.

It’s not too late to jump in the Sex Education wagon since the show is a must-see and explores more than what the title seems to be. It already trended a lot of times on social media especially Twitter for its comedic scenes, good plot, and characters.

The show touched the emotions of the masses as it is a kind of a chill and nostalgic feel kind of show for young adults and discovery for teenagers. The show truly is a rare treasure in Netflix’s catalog since it is one of the few TV shows that had a season 3 installment. And by the success of season 3, proving it a top-notch quality show, Netflix has renewed it for a 4th season.

Having a lot of heartfelt and humorous episodes, the series shows more than just sex and discovery, it also talks about relationships and friendships to which many teenagers and adults would surely relate into.

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