Will Chris Pratt Play Jesse Pinkman in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6?! Absolutely Not.

On Tuesday, November 30, Every Breaking Bad Frame In Order (@breaking_frames) posted a photo grid picture of Chris Pratt and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman) with the caption, ‘Chris Pratt will be playing Jesse Pinkman in the upcoming Better Call Saul Season 6.’

The tweet immediately caused a stir, with several people either commenting that the news was fake or that it was a bad joke. @breaking_frames later apologized for offending those who didn’t get the joke and tweeted, “Nah I’m just dumping hooks in the water. Don’t you people google stuff before believing?” This is just one of a sea of deceitful tweets about TV shows that pique individuals who believe anything on the internet. How sad!

Setting Rumors Straight

As we wait for Thomas Schnauz, the show’s executive producer, to launch brand new episodes of season 6, there has been no official confirmation of the return of Jesse Pinkman. And even if there was a Jesse Pinkman cameo, no one, not even Schnauz has announced that Pratt will be playing the part. Needless to say, don’t believe everything you read on social media until seeing the official confirmation.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Paul said that he thought he would play Jesse in Better Call Saul, considering season five saw the introduction of Breaking Bad cameos such as the late Robert Forster (Ed Galbraith) and Dean Norris (Hank Schrader). But he also said that there was no reason for Jesse to feature in Better Call Saul, especially knowing that Jesse is in hiding.

Is the Teaser Trailer Out?

Keeping things on the down-low for now, Netflix hasn’t released the show’s season 6 trailer yet. We will let you know as soon as there’s a new development.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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