You can ask Alexa to ‘Play Something’ on Netflix using a Fire TV

Thanks to Amazon, Fire TV has launched the Alexa voice on Netflix. So, when you want to watch something, you only order Alexa to play it on Netflix.

Perks of Using Alexa Voice

This cool new feature lets you sit back and relax as Fire TV and Netflix does the work for you. Users in the US and Canada are already enjoying the Alexa feature.

You should start seeing ads about the new service on Fire TV this week. The ads will also run on Fox and NBC for the rest of the month.

What’s more, is you can instruct Alexa to play something while in another room with the newly instigated Fire TV Omni Series that trademarks mobile voice commands.

“Play Something”

Good news for Android users as well as Netflix also released the “Play Something” element for those who want to watch something but aren’t sure what to choose.

Play Something offers a captivating way to use Netflix as you dive into a whole new show. So, when you click on “Play Something”, you will get suggestions of films or series that Netflix has hand-picked for you that are similar to ones you have viewed before.

Fast Laughs

It’s getting better! Netflix released its Fast Laughs’ speciality that was incorporated in iOS early this year. Fast Laughs is a comedy platform that shows funny Tik Tok clips for your amusement. Using Android mobile, Fast Laughs can be accessed through the navigation bar at the bottom that has the IANs tab.

The Alexa Voice feature, among others and many more to come only show the great lengths Netflix is taking to satisfy its customers, which offers a promising future for the streaming organization.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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