Zombie K-Drama “All of Us Are Dead” is Coming to Netflix in January 2022

A new zombie apocalypse series will arrive on Netflix next year. The upcoming original series ‘All of Us Are Dead’ is based on the webtoon “Now at Our School” which will be produced by JBTC studios and will be distributed by Netflix.

The series follows the zombie virus outbreak with students trapped inside a school. Faced with great danger, the students fight the undead in order to survive and escape.

News, Release Dates, and Cast

According to reports the series is written by Chun Sung-il and will be directed by Lee JQ. The new series is based on the popular webtoon on Naver named ‘Now at Our School’ by Joo Dong-geun. The series was temporarily canceled in August 2020 due to COVID-19 but the series is certain to be released in January 2022 as announced by Netflix. The series will have a total of 8 episodes with less than an hour length of runtime.

As for the main lead, Yoon ChanYoung will play as Cheong-san. He is known to be featured in numerous Korean dramas such as “Dr. Romantic”, “Still 17”, and “Nobody Knows”.

Park Ji-Hu is also reported as one of the main actors as she will play as Ohn-jo. She is a rookie actress who acted in the Korean dramas “Sweet Revenge 2” and “House of Hummingbird”.

Another main lead is Cho Yi-hyun who will play as Nam-ra. He previously acted in the popular drama series “Hospital Playlist”.

Not much is known among the other casts since the rest of the cast since some actors are reported to be rookies to the industry. Supporting casts are also named by Netflix such as Yoo In-soo, Kim Byong-chul, and Lee Kyoo-hyung.

So far there are no new updates and news heard from Netflix about this upcoming series. Always be on the lookout, for Netflix may announce an update sooner or later about the series.

In this time of the coronavirus outbreak apocalyptic and dystopian films or series are regaining popularity like Contagion, World War Z, Kingdom, Sweet Home, and Train to Busan. The upcoming new series on Netflix is expected to deliver us a typical dystopian thriller action.

By hearing all of this, what are your expectations and reaction about this upcoming series? Tell us in the comments section below!

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