5 New Releases in December on Netflix, Prime and Disney+

Mark the premiere dates of the new series on the calendar and the most eagerly awaited returns coming to Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Movistar Plus+, or your favourite streaming platform.

 Kim Kardashian 

The upcoming series premieres already have a hint of Christmas dates. The calendar of release dates for streaming platforms and television networks is still in full swing with tons of content to offer.

Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Movistar Plus+, Apple TV+, Filmin… Whatever your preferred platform is, in the coming months, many premieres are set to keep you glued to the screen. There will be many, so we’ve selected the most notable ones that CINEMA wouldn’t dream of missing.


*5th Of December on Filmin*

The Walk – In

Stephen Graham is a former militant in an extreme right-wing group who, repentant of his violent past, has built a new life in elusive anonymity. However, he now seeks redemption by serving as a contact for an undercover agent within an organization planning an attack. A five-episode miniseries with a premise as addictive as it is unnecessary: we were already hooked upon reading the name Stephen Graham.


*6th Of December On Disney+*

Kim Kardashian as Siobhan Walsh

Season 12 of ‘American Horror Story’, also known as “The One with Kim Kardashian.” Nevertheless, it’s Emma Roberts who returns to the leading role in Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology, portraying an actress overwhelmed by the burden of fame and her pregnancy. The cast includes regulars Denis O’Hare, Dominic Burgess, Billie Lourd, and Leslie Grossman, with new additions such as Cara Delevingne.


*12th Of December On Prime Video*

Miguel Herrán

Miguel Herrán stars in the new thriller from the Amazon platform, created by Mariano Barroso (‘La línea invisible’) and Alejandro Hernández (a regular co-writer for Manuel Martín Cuenca). A story of crime and ambition set in the speculative real estate world on the Costa del Sol during the 1980s, the cast also includes Susana Abaitua, Pedro Casablanc, Adam Jezierski, Nora Navas, Amparo Piñero, and Fernando Tejero.

‘REACHER’ Season Two

*15th Of December On Prime Video*

Alan Ritchson

The second season of the adaptation of the adventures of the burly Jack Reacher was created by Lee Child, whom Alan Ritchson embodied after Tom Cruise portrayed him twice in the movies. This instalment consists of eight additional episodes.


*29th Of December On Netflix*

Pedro Alonso 

The spin-off of ‘La Casa de Papel,’ starring Pedro Alonso, takes place many years before his character ends up locked in the Royal Mint. Here, he leads a life of high-stakes heists, accompanied by Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, Julio Peña, and Joel Sánchez.