Everything You Need To Know About Millie Bobby Brown’s New Upcoming Movie: Damsel

The actress from ‘Stranger Things’ extends her lucrative contract with Netflix through an epic fantasy where she must deal with dragons and medieval intrigues.

Millie Bobby Brown as Princess Elodie

The end of Stranger Things is near, and Millie Bobby Brown is eager for the moment to leave Eleven behind. The protagonist of the Netflix series propelled her career, but Brown doesn’t want to be typecast and has been trying out other roles while Stranger Things continues. In the meantime, the phenomenon has grown bigger and bigger, and now that the Hollywood double strike has concluded, Brown can join the team to finish filming what will be the final season, with an epic ending expected.

Once Stranger Things concludes, Brown wants more roles like Damsel. It’s a new film resulting from her contract with Netflix (the same contract that has already led to two instalments of Enola Holmes and will soon do so with The Electric State). In this film, Brown will try her luck with a character and setting radically different from what we usually expect in her career. Because Damsel is a medieval survival adventure. And it has dragons. 

‘Damsel’ – synopsis

In the plot of Damsel, it’s easy to recall the myth of St. George and the dragon, which cinema had already loosely adapted in the 1980s classic, Dragonslayer. In the case of Damsel, we don’t put ourselves in the shoes of a knight wanting to slay a damsel-devouring lizard but rather in the shoes of one of those damsels. She is Princess Elodie, whom the queen offers as a sacrifice to a fearsome dragon to preserve the kingdom’s security.

For generations, our task has been to protect our people. So tonight, you join a long list of women who have helped build this kingdom” the queen says. However, Elodie will prefer to resist the dragon’s attack once in its lair, finding a way to escape and understanding that everything is part of a political intrigue of which she is the latest victim. But this is not going to end here.

‘Damsel’ – cast


Brown plays the Princess as mentioned above Elodie, with Robin Wright as the queen who offers her as a sacrifice and seems to have a lot to hide. They are joined by Angela Bassett (recently nominated for an Oscar for her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), Nick Robinson (Love, Simon), and the veteran Ray Winstone. On the other hand, a significant point of interest in the film is the director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, known for his work on 28 Weeks Later.

‘Damsel’ – trailer and poster

Simultaneously, they have also released a poster that illustrates the moment when Elodie believes she has escaped from the dragon, only to discover that getting out of the lair is going to be more challenging than she thought.

”Damsel” official Netflix poster

‘Damsel’ – release date

For now, Netflix has not provided a more specific date than 2024, so we’ll have to wait for its release at some point next year.

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