Prime Video Has Just Added the New Season of One of Its Sci-Fi Comedy Gems to Its Catalog

You may not know it, you may not be as well known as other platform series like The Boys, but, little by little, it has been winning over the hearts of many fans who just want to watch a romantic and fun series, with a fantastical touch. Such is Upload, the series that for three seasons now has been posing the following question: what would happen if when we die we could transfer our consciousness to the cloud?

About the Series

Upload takes us to the year 2033. Cloud computing has reached such a magnitude that now any person about to die can be ‘uploaded’ to the cloud and choose a virtual life, coexisting with other people who also enjoy the service. And like everything in this capitalism of ours, the more money you invest in it, the better that ‘virtual world’ in which you live will be, a true paradise, like the one Catholics say exists.

Nora, a young woman from Brooklyn, works in customer service in one of those virtual worlds. In a luxurious one, to be more specific. What would happen if she fell in love with one of her ‘dead’ customers? What if that dead customer may have been murdered?

A mixture of intrigue, romance and humor, which can be likened to another series like The Good Place. This time, the cast includes names like Robbie Amell (The Babysitter), Andy Allo, Chris Williams (Californication) and Kevin Bigley (Undone), among others.

Critical Reception

In general, the second season of Upload received good critical acclaim. The media outlet USA Today described it as “one of the few series that exploits how we live and how we will live in the future without being weakened by its message”; meanwhile, the media Screen Anarchy gives the keys to why you should see it: “it’s good to watch it little by little, for when you feel like a nice sci-fi explosion, especially romantic and very imaginative.”

Season 3 Details

The third season of Upload will have 8 episodes: the first two premiere today, October 20, on Prime Video and, subsequently, two more will premiere every week. If you haven’t seen it yet, this may be the perfect time to get hooked: the first two seasons consist of 17 half-hour episodes.


Upload is entertaining, unpretentious and pleasant, a treat for fans of the friendliest fantastic genre. If that’s what you feel like right now, don’t hesitate to give it a chance.

Written by Sarah Moore

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