Arrowverse Fans, Curse the Pandemic for the Absence of Crossovers

If there’s one thing The CW is known for, it’s their knack for crossovers. I don’t know what it is but it always seems to work––it’s like break time from work and seeing your friends from across the street. The Arrowverse is highly favorable of that, too, but this year might not be the same as others.

For the past couple of months, there have already been tentative plans to crossover shows like Batwoman and Supergirl/Superman & Lois at some point this season. However, Caroline Dries, Batwoman showrunner, said that the pandemic and its protocols have affected productions of each series––especially the production and crew. This has made any hopes for a crossover especially hard, maybe even bordering the impossible.

We’re not really able to cross over because physically, we can’t cross crews due to the fear of exposure to COVID,” Dries told TV Line. “So if Supergirl weren’t ending this year, I would say there would be more of a possibility. But I’m afraid that at least this year, we’re not going to be able to tap into that dynamic.

Well, that doesn’t totally mean that any crossover or team-up won’t be happening this year, right? The only reason why crossing-over isn’t possible is that, well, they literally aren’t physically able to. There’s already news about The CW adjusting the new norm and alongside it is their schedule to keep these shows rolling.

Just be patient, give the Arrowverse a break since we’re all living with the bare minimum here. At this point, just be thankful that we’re getting any content out of Arrowverse at all. Might as well enjoy it rather than waiting for months of recovery if even one of the cast or crew catches the virus, right? Right!

Written by Ruth Mia Davis

Stay at home mom to two girls by day and author by night. All things Netflix & Disney.

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