The Violent Slasher Movie That’s an Unexpected Hit on Netflix: It’s Only 100 Minutes Long But Not Everyone Can Get to the End

New unexpected success on Netflix. Last Friday, October 13, the streaming platform premiered the Swedish film The Conference, “Konferensen” in its original version, a horror film categorized as a ‘slasher’ that has quietly arrived in the catalog but has quickly become one of the most popular titles.

An Original and Familiar Setting

The film has an original approach, as it combines horror, comedy, thriller and mystery in a setting that anyone could find most familiar.

Praise and Criticism

In addition, the reviews have not been especially bad and, although no one denies that it is not exactly a gift to the senses, it is being given some praise that makes it even more attractive to slasher genre fans. However, what for some may be its best asset to give us a good time, for others may be the breaking point that makes them stop the movie.

Violence and Cruelty

The film is being praised for the cruelty and violence with which some of its deaths occur. However, this violence may also be too much for some viewers to handle through its 100 minutes.

Appeal of the Genre

It’s a good test of what the Halloween franchise or, more recently, Terrifier have shown us over the years: that a dumb, macabre and violent yet fun movie, and of course not suitable for those under 18, can be one of the best hooks for an audience that knows how to enjoy this type of production.

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Written by Ralph Glorioso

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