Fans Vent Fury at Disney+ After ‘Finding Michael’ Fails to Premiere at Initial Release Date

On Saturday, March 4th 2023, Disney+ fans became enraged after the eagerly awaited series Finding Michael failed to launch on the promised release date. A week ago, Disney+ announced that Finding Michael would premiere on the platform on Friday, March 3rd.

The Twitter post contains the documentary’s official trailer and a caption, “One of the highest search and recovery missions in history.”

While this isn’t the first time the streaming platform is scrapping a project from its library without warning, Finding Michael had fans in deep waves of anger, maybe because it’s a Disney+ Original project. Another project to be scrapped by the streamer is Avatar Frontiers of Pandora in August 2022.

More News on the Delayed Release of Disney Plus’ Finding Michael

Spencer Matthews, the documentary’s creator, had expressed his eager wait on the initial release date as seen in his Instagram post made a day on March 2nd. That means adjournment news was also fresh to Spencer, or he didn’t want to upset the fans further.

On learning about the adjournment, Spencer wrote a message on his Instagram stories, “Apologies to everyone striving to access Finding Michael on Disney+. The release date has shifted, and we will keep you posted on rescheduling.

Due to the pressure from fans, Disney+ UK addressed the issue in a Twitter post two days ago: “We are sorry that the release date for Finding Michael has shifted on Disney+. We’ll let you know immediately we get new timings for its debut; this will be soon. Many thanks for your patience.

Why Was the Release Date for Finding Michael Shifted?

Neither Disney+ nor Spencer revealed the reasons behind the adjournment surrounding Finding Michael.

However, claims have it that the documentary was removed from the March 2023 release schedule after Disney+ discovered shots of dead bodies in the project that need to be reworked.

What’s Finding Michael About?

Finding Michael depicts the story of Spencer Matthews, the Made in Chelsea icon, as he strives to retrieve his elder brother, Michael Matthews’, body from Mt. Everest. Michael went missing in 1999, then aged 22, after scaling the summit of Mount Everest and becoming Britain’s youngest climber to accomplish the milestone.

Michael’s body was never found until 2017 when a stranger sent unclear images from the mount portraying a body in summit wear in color similar to Michael’s last suit. Spencer started his investigation on the issue, hoping to recover his brother’s body himself for the sake of their mother.

Finding Michael is a co-creation of chief producers Spencer, Tom Hutchings, Jon Swain, Delbert Shoopman, and Bear Grylls, alongside Shine TV and Natural Studios production companies,

Written by Sarah Moore

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