Mushoku Tensei Reveals Season 2 Premiere Date with Beautiful Trailer


Studio Bind brings the highly anticipated second season of Mushoku Tensei to fans on July 2, 2023.

Mushoku Tensei, the isekai anime that has captured the hearts of many, originally started as a light novel and began its manga adaptation in 2014. Now, fans eagerly await its second season, set to premiere on July 2, 2023.

A Captivating Trailer Unveils the Premiere Date

The second season of Mushoku Tensei is scheduled to debut in Japan on July 2, 2023, at 24:00 Japan Standard Time. The new trailer announcing the premiere date has left fans excited and craving for more. The trailer showcases our young protagonist in snowy landscapes with touches of warmth, such as a small fire in the midst of a blizzard and twinkling stars in a vast celestial backdrop. This sets the stage for the new and perilous adventures filled with emotion that await in the second season of Mushoku Tensei.

A Manga and Light Novel Masterpiece

Mushoku Tensei is a manga written by Rifujin na Magonote and illustrated by Yuka Fujikawa, with the light novel illustrations by Siro Taka. The series currently consists of 18 volumes.

Synopsis of the Story

The story follows Rudeus Greyrat, who is reborn into a medieval world filled with dark dangers. As a former unemployed and reclusive individual, Rudeus remembers his past life and the frustrations he carried before his death. However, he died a hero after saving a group of middle school students.

Episode Count for the Second Season of Mushoku Tensei

The number of episodes for the second season has not been announced yet. Considering the source material from the manga, it is likely to have a similar length to the first season. It’s worth noting that Crunchyroll will once again handle the distribution license, which suggests the possibility of a simulcast format.

Remember that the first season is available on Crunchyroll and consisted of 24 episodes.

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